Patio Remodel Ideas – How to Update Your Patio for Summer

grey white exterior walk area

Here’s a hint: stone overlays. With summer nearly here, you might be looking at your patio wondering why you haven’t already upgraded it. After all, summer is for spending weekends entertaining around the pool, outdoor lunches, and patio picnics. If yours is looking drab, you probably won’t feel so confident inviting the neighbors over for…

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How Limestone Overlays Will Transform Your Restoration Project

If you could avoid demolition during a surface remodel, would you? If your answer is yes, the solution is limestone overlays. Limestone overlays come from a long and rich history. Ancient Egypt was particularly fond of limestone, using it to build their famous pyramids, imposing aqueducts, and palaces. In fact, together with sandstone, limestone was…

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Limestone and Quartz Resurfacing – Living Art

full house and walkway nice light remodel

Beyond a cozy and comfortable living space, there are two important facets to a wonderful home – beauty and value. And the former often translates into the latter. With limestone and quartz overlay applications, companies like Cre8stone are on the cutting edge of “re-work”, rather than redesign, providing beauty and increased value, at a fraction of the price of remodeling.Rather than expensive construction, messy tear-out, and long build times, resurfacing with quartz is limestone are truly a

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Reurfacing Your Homefront With Endless Possibilities

grimsley entrance yellow limestone

Choosing to resurface over brick has become a very exciting way to update the look of your home.Resurfacing, rather than traditional remodeling (which includes messy tear-out), is becoming a common way to update the entire look of the exterior of your house. Perhaps your house is 50 years old, and you feel trapped with what you have. Don’t feel stuck – resurfacing allows you to greatly update the outdated brick with a completely new and modern feel. Best of all – it reflects your style. The

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Home Upgrades Through Resurfacing Remodeling

green kitchen backsplash

Homeowners are looking for constant upgrades, to introduce “newness” back into their home, or increase to value for selling their property. If you are in this situation, what if I told you it could be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling? Enter Cre8stone solutions. A popular choice for homeowners is a granite or limestone (depending on the area of transformation) look and feel. Using resurfacing techniques, countertops and other surfaces, the outcome exceptionally mirrors

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Home and Commercial Resurfacing Examples

stone up close

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to what kind of artistic look you want your remodeling job via resurfacing to look like. It is important to remember, that you as a customer, have have endless control over what carving methods, and what colors are applied to your resurfacing applications. Let’s begin with a few interior and exterior Limestone resurfacing remodeling examples: Next, let’s take a look at Quartz remodeling examples:The handful of images above truly illustrated just a tiny

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