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Make Your Property Pop

Why blend in when you can make a bold, elegant statement with your property instead?

When it comes to crafting the perfect home or commercial location, keeping up with the Joneses leads to mediocrity. You want to stand out from the crowd with an exquisite, unique design tailored to match your vision and personality.

Helping turn today’s ordinary look into tomorrow’s curated perfection, Cre8stone is the high-profile, entirely custom, stone resurfacing solution. In other words – with 40 years of successful growth, we will bring your dreams to life in the blink of an eye.

The secret to our success? As the best stone remodeling contractor in Dallas (and other Texas locations), Cre8stone possesses the ultimate trump card: carefully engineered, hand-crafted Limestone and Quartz overlays.

While other service providers work with materials of inconsistent quality, Cre8stone sources nothing but the best.


Because your personal style and inspirational vision deserve justice. Your personality will shine through the final design result. Cre8stone might be the best home remodeling solution in Dallas, but our customers are still #1.

Plus, compared to traditional methods, Cre8stone’s zero tear-out approach offers an extremely cost-effective solution for all stone remodeling needs.

A Low Cost Investment That Always Delivers

When you contact Cre8stone with your unique vision, we work with you to select the perfect pattern and color for your personality and taste.

Drawing from our years of hands-on experience, we make prudent suggestions and offer advice on bringing your innovative ideas into reality – whether for your home or business.

When the details are confirmed, we ensure our premium quality limestone and quartz overlay materials are manufactured to your exact specifications.

This is done via our special blend of hardened limestone, crushed quartz, polymer resins, and a careful selection of hardy, natural stones.

Depending on the chosen pattern, our experts will then carefully hand-craft each individual overlay piece. For irregular patterns, we forego the use of traditional templates to preserve the casual, organic look and feel.

When straight line precision is required for more uniform patterns, we put just as much care into ensuring every fragment fits perfectly.

The final piece of the puzzle is the most exciting.

With no less attention to detail, we begin the stone remodeling work on your property by preparing the surface and installing your new limestone and quartz overlays.

Using two or three limestone overlays over existing surface(s) is typically recommended, as it strengthens the likelihood of your stone remodeling project lasting a lifetime.

Quality That Sells Itself

Our unique approach to hand-crafting every piece of limestone and quartz overlay not only enhances durability, but enables the finished product to better reflect its own natural aesthetic qualities.

This is especially important for home-owners and businessmen (and women). Whether your vision is for an updated, modernized home or commercial property, you can rest assured our limestone and quartz overlays will increase the value of your real estate.

For home-owners, this means if you move to a new home in the future, your current property will automatically be more attractive to prospective buyers.

The same can be said for commercial properties. With a stylish, professional facade and interior, your office space will immediately put clientèle and business partners in the right mindset. It will assure them your company has a vision for the future planted firmly in the present.

Plus, if you’re looking to lease out office space in your business complex, your new limestone and quartz overlays will prove an investment that sells itself.

Dallas Stone Overlays

With a wide variety of finishes and designs custom-built to bring your vision to life, Cre8stone is the stone remodeling solution for Texas-goers.

While some of our competitors focus solely on providing patio and deck solutions, kitchen or bathroom renovations, or horizontal or vertical resurfacing, Cre8stone knows no such bounds.

Choose from a vast array of patterns, colors, and finishes – including textured quartz and personalized marble finishing designs – and know, when it comes to quality, we believe in meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

Why take our word alone? Here’s what our customers are saying about Cre8stone:


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