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Residential Remodeling in Rockwall

Homeowners in Rockwall have a strong sense of pride in their homes – and you absolutely should too!

However, just because Rockwall is named after a seemingly inexplicable natural formation, doesn’t mean your home should be a design mystery.

In fact, you can easily bring that natural stone into your home design through Cre8stone’s proprietary limestone and quartz stone overlays.

We find it’s more than just a beautiful way to re-imagine your home: it’s the best means of letting your home show (and celebrate) your unique personality.

Kennedale house with accents on front exterior
white limestone single story home after remodel

Rockwall Home Fronts

Take a moment to think back on when you first bought your Rockwall property. Your first impression was created by the home front.

Over time, your impressions might have changed with you.

You might be feeling your home front is due for a renovation to better reflect these changes, but find yourself worrying about how ugly traditional renovation methods are.

Fear no more! With Cre8stone, home front renovations don’t have to be messy, fussy processes that turn your home into a half-finished construction site!

We have a unique, no tear out resurfacing process that ensures your beautiful home only becomes more beautiful every step of the way!

Interior Design

Why stop at the front door, though?

Your home front might create the perfect first impression for visitors, but it’s the interior that establishes the long-lasting impression they take away.

Turn your home into your castle by reinventing your floors, walls, and fireplaces with Cre8stone’s overlays.

We can even help you turn your bathroom into a space of calm relaxation and give the heart of your home (the kitchen) a makeover with our quartz counter-tops.

Thanks to our 40 years of experience, we can help you do all this and more!

interior columns resurfaced
grey stone poolside remodel

Outdoor Applications

With your home front and interior all spruced up, are you worried you’ll find the rest of your home’s exterior lacking?

Cre8stone offers the perfect solution for outdoor projects too. We’ll help you complete your unique vision by updating your summer patio, resurfacing your driveway and walkway, and remodeling your pool.

After all, Rockwall is known for having plenty of sunshine throughout the year – and you deserve a space to enjoy it!

Commercial Remodeling in Rockwall

As a business owner, you probably know all too well first impressions can be the difference between a successful business transaction and struggling to stay afloat.

Instead of fading into the background, turn your commercial property into a space that stands out to your target market, clients, and business partners.

All you need to do is marry your vision of professionalism and sophistication with Cre8tstone’s unique methodology.

School Front
grimsley entrance yellow limestone

Surface Reconstruction

Commercial property in Rockwall is bursting with amazing potential. If you’re hoping to successfully tap into that potential, let us know how you envision it blossoming.

With our 40 years of experience and expertise, your business venue will easily be transformed. Just take a look at what our limestone and quartz resurfacing has done for others!

Storefront Impact

Just as the homefront can draw the eye from the street, so can your storefront. Customers tend to gravitate not only to great signage and a recognizable name, but also to beautiful venues.

Many business owners recoil from the idea of using crushed granite resurfacing, thinking it’s going to leave their storefronts looking gray and uninteresting.

However, we have a wide variety of color families for you to choose from, all of which will sky-rocket your storefront’s visual impact!

Perfecting Rockwall Offices

When we think of offices, our minds default to bland walls plastered with overpriced art that toddlers can do for free.

But you can turn your Rockwall offices into their own work of art for a fraction of the price. Thanks to Cre8stone’s proprietary limestone and quartz resurfacing, perfected over 40 years, we’ve got your wildest renovation dreams covered!

long low office exterior resurfacing

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rockwall tx the harbor

Rockwall, Texas gets its name from what appears to be an actual rock wall discovered bit by bit when Rockwall County was first founded more than 160 years ago.

The rock formation remains something of an enigmatic mystery today. In 1901, D. Robert T. Hill determined it was a natural sandstone dike – yet it looks like it could easily be man-made!

That same natural elegance and sophistication is what property owners in Rockwall expect in their residential and commercial renovation projects.

And who better to service the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area than Cre8tstone?