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We created Cre8 to fill a gap in the home remodeling and resurfacing based on 40 years of expertise in the market.  Generally, overlay processes have used plaster and concrete.  Now there is a better, and more cost-effective solution.  Cre8.

Limestone and Quartz-based applications were extensively researched to lead us a brilliant idea- combine the two and create new and exciting solutions and products to transform home exterior and interior upgrade options.  These overlay options include, but are not limited to, showers, floors, countertops, walls, and most importantly – outside transformations over existing materials such as brick or stucco. 

Cre8 has been able to leverage our deep manufacturing experience to produce a consistent product line that has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses. 

Our expansive partnerships with dealers across the nation have led contractors to utilize our approach to remodel customers' ideas into reality.

Low Cost Investment

Let's get your new business opportunities going with a small investment.

State of the Art Materials

Quality materials means an easy new business offering working with absolute quality products

Easy Training

Learn to use Cre8stone products with hands-on training to ensure complete success for your new service offerings

Market Advantage

Gain a leg up on your competition with advanced service offerings

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