Increase the Value of Your Home – The Kitchen

Begin to raise your home value by 25% or more . . .

The universal proven method to increase your home value is kitchen upgrades. Beyond the living room, the kitchen is the number two area of your house where time is traditionally spent. Not to mention the focus of where many of your family and guests are impressed with. You will want to start with counter tops hands-down. The counter top is the key to the kitchen itself.

Beyond flooring, the counter tops take up the largest amount of square feet in your kitchen. Transform your counter tops with a new look, and a cost-effective one – the quartz overlay approach.

Any color, any pattern – each one of a kind.

An advantage of a quartz overlay approach is durability. With marble upgrades, a scratch is a scratch – you have to live with that forever. Quartz overlays that get scratched can simply be hand-buffed so that the scratch is literally erased.

Every inch of your vision for a dream kitchen countertop can be achieved by quartz overlay. While this can be done with marble, the cost is night and day. True marble is expensive. Very expensive. With a quartz overlay approach, you can upgrade your countertops with savings of up to 1/3 the cost of marble or other materials. And again, the durability is the same, if not better by eliminating the worry of scratches. The best advice we can give you is to think about other areas of your house where you can use that savings for even more.

And keep in mind that not only do counter top upgrades greatly improve the look of your home, a new back-splash is extremely important to compliment your new look towards what really can be described as a brand-new kitchen. Instead of tile, look into your resurfacing options as well. This equates to no tear-out, no mess, and at a fraction of the time that it takes for traditional upgrades.
To close, investigate your options. Price out your options. Investigate quartz resurfacing. You’ll discover that your kitchen can gain a new impactful appearance, with the bonus of true cost savings towards upgrading other areas of your home!

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