Cre8stone Creates Beautiful Limestone and Quartz Overlays

After years of researching existing products and techniques, Cre8Build took Limestone and Quartz and combined it with the overlay process. This keeps the project simple without compromising quality.

Cre8Build dealers exclusively install Cre8's proprietary products anywhere their customers want stone, including walls, floors, showers, and countertops. Cre8Build dealers across the country have been using this technology and products for many years.

The materials used are tested thoroughly; providing confidence that only quality products are used on their home or business. These products provide a superior solution to other options by utilizing Limestone, Quartz, and other proprietary ingredients. Each blend is uniquely mixed to give maximum strength and breathability to the walls and longevity and color acceptance to floors.

Our flooring product adheres to concrete, tile, cool deck, pebble aggregate and ceramic tile, which is a significant advantage.

cre8stone kitchen remodel
grimsley entrance yellow limestone

The Process

half spiral staircase with remodeled stone around

1. Remodel with No Tear Out

No longer is it necessary to tear out existing structure. Our product is light weight. Since there is no tear-out, we bypass the mess and cost that comes with a "tear out process". Our stone material can be applied directly over almost any surface, including:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Tilt Wall
  • Cinderblock
flower mound stone remodeling

2. Custom Design

We don’t use stamps or stencils. Each design is hand
carved to the shape, size, and color the client wants.
Custom accents are easily achievable.

grey wainscot

3. Easy to Repair

We are able to isolate an area that needs to be repaired without tearing out or wasting surface area. We easily blend the isolated area without it looking like a "patch".

grimsley back yellow limestone resurface

4. Installation

From start to finish, jobs are completed in a fraction of
the time as compared to laying stone by stone.

east texas arboretum sign resurfaced

5. City Compliant

Fewer permits are needed because there is no need to tear down surfaces or restructure walls.

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