How to Sell Stone Resurfacing to a Skeptic

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You know stone resurfacing is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread – and we know it too.

There’s no doubt in your mind you want to stone remodel your pool (or perhaps use resurfacing to update your patio for summer). But your partner is a skeptic and you need to sell stone resurfacing to them before you can give us a shout.

Don’t worry – because at Cre8stone, we’re so passionate about it that we’ll gladly show you how to sell stone resurfacing to a skeptic!

Nothing but the Best Material

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First things first – is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that natural stone is a far better surface material than concrete or exposed brick?

Let’s face it, bare concrete and/or exposed brick are a look. And we’re not going to judge anyone for enjoying the gritty, industrial effect indie coffee shops and craft beer breweries are known for turning into a trend.

But is that really the kind of atmosphere you want for your home?

Maybe for the feature mini-bar or the home gym, sure.

But for your kitchen? I think we can all agree quartz counter tops are the clear winner.

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And we can certainly say the same for your bathroom too. Even if you want to go for a very trendy exposed pipework look, the best way to make it look intentional (and not like an abandoned construction site) is to pair it with polished limestone and quartz.

Stone resurfacing has many, many applications beyond these two common areas, of course. You can take it outside to your patio, walkways, and pool, your home exterior, or even your commercial property!

No matter where you want to add stone resurfacing, it’s guaranteed to create exactly the right setting and mood you’re looking for.

All of the Pros, None of the Cons

Admittedly, there are a few issues with using natural stone just as is. And at least one (if not both) of the two most biggest objections will come up when you’re trying to sell stone resurfacing to a skeptic.

Natural Stone is Expensive

It makes sense, right? Someone needs to carefully mine the stone, cut it perfectly into shape, polish it up and prepare it for use, and then use some pretty heavy machinery to transport the heavy material.

Plus, if you’re renovating, you need to tear out the existing materials, prepare the area, and rebuild using the stone!

All of this takes a lot of time.

And as the cliché goes, times equals money – so you’re going to find the price tag getting higher and higher very quickly. A simple fireplace can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Imagine doing your whole patio!

Traditional Renovation Methods Are Ugly

Earlier, we mentioned how mixing the very trendy exposed pipework look with concrete and bare brick in a bathroom can make it look like an unfinished construction site.

Does that sound attractive?

Granted, it can look great if done well, which is very difficult. But most of the time, it’s going to look like an unfinished construction site – especially while it’s still exactly that.

The same is true for any renovation that uses the traditional tear out methods.

Regardless of the material you end up using, those methods require tearing out the original material and building up the layers again. This is very time consuming and will most definitely leave you with an eyesore while the work is still being completed.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize these two issues (expense and ugliness) go hand-in-hand. They’re inescapable.


Well, no.

In fact, this is exactly where stone resurfacing comes in – especially when it’s done the Cre8stone way

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Affordability + Aesthetics + Consistency = Stone Resurfacing a la Cre8stone

It’s time to let you in on another major issue with traditional renovation methods using natural stone… one your stone resurfacing skeptic might not even be aware of.

The traditional methods very quickly succumb to the issue of inconsistent quality.

While it might not seem that way, natural stone is a finite resource. There’s only so much of it realistically available for mining – and different sites will yield different stone qualities.

Plus, you risk running into the added problem of unscrupulous contractors who purposefully use sub-par quality materials while charging you for premium quality stone! Why? To drastically increase their profit margins, of course!

Cre8stone totally eliminates all 3 of these issues with our proprietary limestone and quartz stone overlays.

That’s right – proprietary!

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Cre8stone has decades of experience in the industry and we’ve put it to good use by developing our very own carefully engineered, hand-crafted overlays. Not only that, but we leverage our expertise in your favor by reliably sourcing nothing but the best materials, guaranteed!

There’s another major advantage to this method: we have more flexibility in helping you get the exact patterns and color families to match your vision!

Right there, we’re already ensuring you get an affordable, attractive solution with consistent quality rivalled by none.

Plus, we don’t tear everything down. We offer a stone overlay – which means all we need to do is prepare the existing surface to have our product applied over them!

This means even the renovation process is far more aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective than traditional methods.

Stone Overlays Are Truly a Low-Cost, High-Reward Investment

It’s all too easy to get caught up in how things look and forget about the practicality factor.

With stone overlays, you don’t need to worry as much!

One of the reasons the inconsistent quality and high expense of traditional stone-based renovations are such big issues is eventually, you run into problems.

Perhaps you were sold the wrong kind of stone for your application. For example, let’s say Mexican soft marble was used for your pool renovation. It looks great and seems to be lasting just fine at first… but the pool chemicals (or salt) quickly degrades the stone.

If this happens, you’re looking at yet another expensive restoration project. The devalued stone has to be removed and replaced… and the cycle potentially continues.

With stone overlays, the initial costs are far lower. This means even if something goes very wrong down the line, you won’t need to pay through your nose to get the work done.

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Cre8stone can guarantee our stone overlays will stand the test of time, regardless of the weather conditions and even the living conditions our work is exposed to on a daily basis!

We can also guarantee if you later decide to change the color theme, overlay pattern, or even stone type, it’ll still only cost a fraction of the price traditional methods would.

Cre8stone – Selling Stone Resurfacing to Skeptics for 40 Years

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At Cre8stone, we don’t think of stone resurfacing as merely a job.

To us, it’s a rich tradition of turning buildings and their features into durable works of art. It’s a tradition we’ve been practicing for 40 years and counting.

And we’ve definitely encountered our fair share of skeptics in those 40+ years. Yet, we’re still here, stronger than ever before, and continuing to offer our stone resurfacing services to generations of highly satisfied customers.

Is your skeptic still hesitating?

Use the contact form below to get in touch with us and we’ll happily sit down to give you a free estimate based on your unique needs and exciting ideas!


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    Can your product be installed over concrete as a driveway that vehicles can drive over?

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