How Limestone Overlays Will Transform Your Restoration Project

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If you could avoid demolition during a surface remodel, would you?

If your answer is yes, the solution is limestone overlays.

Limestone overlays come from a long and rich history.

Ancient Egypt was particularly fond of limestone, using it to build their famous pyramids, imposing aqueducts, and palaces. In fact, together with sandstone, limestone was considered the most popular, basic building material for temples, mastaba tombs, and even houses.

Today, limestone overlays remain a popular choice for new homes and office blocks, as well as restoration and renovation projects.

Limestone overlays have a tendency to exceed all expectations in transforming concrete surfaces; adding a personal touch of class and sophistication.

This is why, if you’re looking to give your patio, drywall, driveway, or just about any other horizontal or vertical surface a total makeover, limestone overlays are the perfect solution.

What Are Limestone Overlays?

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One could – and perhaps should – consider limestone overlays to be a work of art.

The practice of using limestone for restoration work and stone resurfacing developed in Europe some decades ago.

As a method or process for restoring historic buildings, hand-crafted limestone overlays outshine all other options, and is typically applied over existing concrete, dry walls, stucco, or just about any other surface.

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As a home or business owner looking to replace the old, worn faces of your building, you’ll be glad to know the highly innovative process of laying limestone overlays doesn’t require any demolition.

While other methods might demand the old concrete (or other material) be torn up to make way for the new, decorative limestone remodeling is simply laid on top of the existing material.

It’s thanks to this innovative method that thousands of home and business owners are saving thousands of dollars on their restorations and renovations. Whether it’s your patio, pool deck, walls, or driveway, you can easily have that ugly discoloration covered up!

The Investment That Pays for Itself

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One amazing benefit of using limestone for your stone remodeling is, in addition to transforming the appearance of any surface, it will also last for years. When quartz is added to the limestone, your overlay’s strength is also doubled for an even longer lasting effect.

This is great news for anyone uncertain as to whether they’ll still be living in the same area a few years from now. Limestone overlays will vastly improve the market value of any property, making your home far more attractive to the astute potential buyer.

This benefit is felt even more strongly in business. A business complex featuring limestone overlays is not only robust, but looks highly attractive in a professional manner.

So whether you’re the property owner and looking to lease out office space, or a business owner contemplating selling your company in the future, limestone overlays are an investment that will bring in fruitful returns again and again.

In it for the Long Run

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The secret in the incredible strength of limestone overlay coatings is, unlike in ancient times, the hardened limestone’s natural resilience is enhanced by the addition of crushed quartz. This unique blend makes for a far more impact-resistant surface.

In fact, we guarantee our limestone overlays will outlast any other blend that’s been tried and trusted for decades!

This is because, in addition to the crushed quartz, our limestone overlays also feature various other types of hardy stone, as well as polymer resins. This makes for even further enhanced resistance to the wear and tear home and business surfaces are subjected to on a regular basis.

That’s not all – our unique blend not only improves the overall performance of our limestone overlays, but they’re also able to better reflect the natural aesthetic qualities of the material.

Of course, while you can enjoy superior resilience with even a thin, single layer of limestone overlay, we recommend considering a second or even third layer. This can drastically improve the appearance and resistance of your newly remodeled surfaces.

Revolutionize Your Home!

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If you can vastly improve the appearance and performance of your old, worn surfaces without having to rip them out first, then why not? Thanks to limestone overlays, it’s entirely possible!

Cre8stone promises professional service at all times, offering an affordable and highly simplified solution to enhancing and protecting your home or business surfaces.

Bottom line: no matter your needs, limestone overlays are the perfect solution.

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  1. Devin Scott on August 27, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Its good to learn that limestone will transform a surface and last for years. My wife and I want to redo our pool walkway and we were wondering which type of stone walkway would last the longest. I’ll be sure to tell my wife that limestone surfaces last for years and could be great for our pool.

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